White and Terra Cotta Planter Pots with Drainage, Set of 8 Cylinder Flowerpots with Saucers for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens, Round Plastic Planters in 4,5,6 and 7 inch for Herbs, Plants and Succulents

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About this Item

  • All-Purpose Garden Pots and Planters – Designed for beginner and professional green thumbs this planter pot set includes 4 white and 4 terracotta planters with custom fit saucers to provide all-in-one grow pots for indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Mesh Drainage Bottom – Each of our planters feature a custom-fit bottom that has drainage holes built in to help with aeration and to avoid water oversaturation for improved root growth and to ensure proper plant hydration.
  • Ceramic-Styled Plastic Pots – These modern, elegant planter pots for indoor plants and outdoor growing boast a clean style that looks just like ceramic but is made with a heavy-duty, thick-walled plastic that offers long-lasting durability.
  • Reusable, Heavy-Duty Plastic – Our planter pots are designed to support all your planting and gardening efforts. They’re lightweight, super durable, and easy to fill, plant, empty, and refill over and over again with every new season.
  • Various Sizes for Custom Planting – These modern planter pots with drainage come with 8 pots in every set including 4”, 5”, 6”, and 7” sizes So you can grow a wide range of plant life including house plants, herbs, flowers, succulents, and cacti more effectively.

Product description


Grow a Lush, Beautiful Garden with Amazing Creation Cylinder Plant Pots for Indoor and Outdoor Plant Life

Whether you’re an avid outdoor gardener or you’re trying to grow plants for the first time ,the right pots can make all the difference; especially when it comes to root strength, plant growth, and budding. We created Amazing Creation Planter Pot Set with 8 individual planters to let you grow fresh herbs, beautiful flowers, succulents, and more. And because they’re a cylindrical design that fits easily in your kitchen, living room, home, or office they can fill your space with natural ambiance you can’t get with common household décor.

Product Details:

  • 8-Piece Planter Pot Set
  • Built-In Mesh Drainage System
  • Colors: Terracotta and White
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Construction
  • Includes 4”, 5”, 6”, and 7” Sizes
  • Easy to Clean, Refill, and Reuse
  • Modern Cylindrical Design


Get these beautiful indoor and outdoor garden planters and add a colorful floral bouquet to your deck, patio or kitchen and add a little natural ambiance to your life. Click BUY NOW to get them today.

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