Herb Planters - Set of 3



Remove the 3 planters from the box and separate the 3 inner pots (green, orange, coffee) from the 3 outer pots (beige).


Take 2 of the 6 water absorbent strips provided. Insert the 2 strips in the holes located on the bottom of an inner pot. Leave 1-2 inches of loose strip on the inside of the pot.


Insert the inner pot with the strings in place into the outer pot.


Place the appropriate amount of growing medium in the pot, leaving about 1 inch of clearance at the top and aerate the soil by breaking it with your hand or with a garden hoe. This will help your roots grow healthy and also ensures that water flows properly through the planter.


Pack your plants carefully into the soil, but make sure you don’t pack them too tightly.


Carefully read the growing instructions for the plants you are planting and make sure you water them properly.


Once you watered your plants, fill the water reservoir through the water filling port located on the top part of the planter. You can see the water level in the reservoir through the viewing window on the bottom of the planter. Moving forward, all you need to do is make sure there is enough water in the reservoir.


Repeat the process with the other 2 planters in the set.


Place your planters in a location that maximizes sun or shade depending on what you intend to grow and your planters, and all of the amazing contents, should be off to a great start!

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