Growing fresh tomatoes -9 best types for containers

Many people living in urban areas may not have an expansive yard for growing fresh tomatoes. This is where growing them in containers can be the way (sometimes the only way) to go.

Some tomato types can be grown using even smaller containers as long as they use the right set-up.

Determinate tomato types usually work the best for containers because they grow to a particular height, and are much easier to handle in a small space.

These 9 best tomatoes for containers are a mix of determinate tomato types, with a couple indeterminate ones that are also suitable.

Patio Princess

If the word “patio” is in the name then they must be good for growing on patios, decks, and balconies, right?


The Patio Princess is a relatively small plant that produces some of the most delicious little tomatoes ever.

The plants typically only reach about 2 feet tall and produces a continual stream of 2-1/2″ fruits.


The Bushsteak tomato is ideal for growing in containers and small gardens since the compact plant only grows to 20 – 24 inches in height, but produces large, juicy tomatoes.

Sweetheart of the Patio

The Sweetheart of the Patio is another variety that is perfect for containers on a balcony, or deck. Another compact plant that produces one inch tomatoes, bursting with super sweet juiciness.


The Marglobe offers heavy vine growth for a determinate, and produces large, globe-shaped fruit. Tomatoes are ready to pick after 73 days.

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Baxter’s Bush Cherry

Baxter’s Bush Cherry features vigorous growth and productive yields that’s perfect for the patio or balcony. The fruits are a deep red color and are resistant to cracking.

This bushy determinate doesn’t need staking or cages.

Sweet Baby Girl

The Sweet Baby Girl is an indeterminate variety that still doesn’t get too tall in most cases. The plant produces sweet, red cherry tomatoes loaded with rich tomato flavor.

Gardener’s Delight

Gardener’s Delight is an heirloom cherry tomato variety that has become a favorite among many container gardeners.

This productive plant features one inch fruits have a nice balance between sweetness and rich tomato flavor.


Stupice is a German heirloom variety that grows well in containers. It delivers super early tomatoes that are two to three inches in diameter.

Tumbling Tom Yellow

Tumbling Tom Yellow is great for hanging baskets and containers. Have the plant cascade over the edges of a hanging basket for a beautiful arrangement on the balcony or front porch.

It bears a ton of yellow tomatoes that are one to two inches in size that are deliciously sweet.

So here you have it!. Growing fresh tomatoes in containers is possible if you choose the correct type!

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